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Freddy Krueger Does Health Care

Where else but The Huffington Post?

if there’s anything scaring me these days, it’s the blatant misuse of fear in regards to health care reform. I am appalled at the brazen lies being propagated by opponents of reform specifically to scare the elderly and other vulnerable segments of our society. Pushing untruths about “death panels” and “pulling the plug on Grandma” are not helping the debate.

If we’re going to achieve effective health care in this country, we need an honest public discussion based on facts: how do we pay for reform, how will it work, who will be covered?

These are important issues than cannot be solved while lobbyists, pundits and “tea-baggers” are muddying the waters by marketing fear. The only people who should be scared by health care reform are those who make a profit off of other people’s suffering and illness.

Robert Englund actually isn’t Freddy to me, he’s Willie from (the real) V.