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Fred’s Surprise?

An e-mail:

Fred has a golden opportunity to shake up the race in a big way here. Announce his running mate.

That would force the Hillary/Obama issue to the forefront. It would relieve Romney or Giuliani of any second guessing about the stakes.


Scare the hell out of everybody…on Leno live and in living color…

That would get things super-interesting early.

Jon Lerner has the same suspicion.

I do think the veep is going to matter — and especially to conservatives. Early match-ups wouldn’t be a bad idea. If Rudy had Bill Bennett or Rick Santorum running with him, he’d get a second look from pro-lifers who are sick over the prospect of a pro-choice nominee, for instance. A solidly conservative Dick Cheney like figure (is anyone Dick Cheney like though) could help Romney, to ease any concerns about this able guy folks feel like they just met…..

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