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Free Drinks For The Corner


As a politcal junkie and NRO/Corner crack-head, I’d like to contribute to the GOTV effort in beautiful Upstate N.Y. As coincidence has it, I’m tending bar tonight, and I’ll buy the first drink for 20 Corner readers who vote and come in after 6:00pm (that’s when I start).

I’ll have Fox News on at least one TV; the big screen if I can get away with it 🙂

I realize that getting out the vote in N.Y. is sort of like swimming upstream, but we can help the popular vote numbers, and maybe get Marilyn O’Grady a solid runner-up.

Where: Cap’n Morgan’s

Bridge St.

Corning, N.Y.

FWIW: I AM NOT the owner of the aforementioned establishment.

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