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Reviewing those books by Gene Healy and Ron Paul, I grumbled: “With 155 million Americans eligible to run for president, how did we get stuck with three such lackluster candidates?”

A reader took exception:

You can say a lot of things about McCain. But lacking in luster?

     4. radiance of beauty, excellence, merit,

     distinction, or glory: achievements that

     add luster to one’s name.

It’s fair to say that McCain has had achievements in his life which added luster to his name. And I speak as one who looked at McCain as the 4th best choice among major GOP candidates.

If you want to say that the “lackluster” was aimed at the “candidate” word then beating up all the other GOP candidates is lustrous enough.

Not sure about that last part, but I find the rest persuasive. Strike “lackluster.” Substitute “unsatisfactory.”

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