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‘Free False Teeth’

Got a neat and informative note from the Midwest, responding to something in Impromptus today. I have an item about legitimate federal spending and less legitimate federal spending. American wars are clearly a federal responsibility. So, if we are going to wage them, we must spend money on them. But what about the millions of other things the feds try to do, regardless of what the Constitution says? In my item, I mention a line of WFB’s: that the government will spend money on “free false teeth or whatever.” That is one of my favorite lines of all time, and you can perhaps still hear the tone with which WFB said it: “free false teeth.”

Well, here is that note from a reader:

Hi Jay,

I live in Central Wisconsin and within the next few weeks they will be breaking ground on a new federally qualified dental-health-care center. Among many other things they will provide are essentially free false teeth! Apparently they received some stimulus money from the “venerable” Dave Obey [a congressman]. Funny how it’s considered gov’t money and not taxpayer dollars.

Yeah, funny. And, as always: Be careful what you joke about. Free false teeth, come true!