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Free Speech … It Ain’t Cheap

The cherished ability to speak your mind has become increasingly difficult in this era of burgeoning multicultural intolerance. That’s why National Review Institute is launching The Center for Unalienable Rights — it’s determined to fight for those most central of our under-assault liberties, in particular our First Amendment protection of free speech and freedom of worship (and worry not — the Second Amendment won’t be ignored).

Currently NRI is engaged in a limited fundraising effort, seeking to raise $100,000 for the center — which will be spearheaded by the talented David French. Our deadline is July 31st – Can you help us out today with a generous tax-deductible contribution? You can donate here.

So far, kind souls have donated some $25,000 to this effort. We are deeply appreciative, and we hope the same is felt by all those who know that the fight against the left’s miserable Thought Police is a critical one that demands conservatism’s serious commitment and vigilence.