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Free Syrian Army Leans Romney


A BBC World Service survey from a couple weeks ago found that every nation in the world favors President Obama over Mitt Romney in today’s election (so much for all the jobs and investments he sent them), with the exception of Pakistan. But conservatives appear convinced the momentum is in Mitt’s direction, and sure enough, he could add another Muslim-majority state to his column. A spokesman for the Syrian rebels tells al-Arabiya that he supports the GOP candidate:

But while many Arab Americans and Middle Eastern onlookers support the Obama administration, members of the main armed Syrian opposition are cheering the other team.

Members of the FSA say they are expecting support from Romney but are not counting on “failed American promises,” such as previous U.S. inaction.

Yasir al-Ahmed, a spokesman for the FSA in Aleppo, expressed his disappointment in the approach the U.S. government took since the Syrian revolution started 20 months ago. He said Obama has not shown much action past his words. “We are learning towards Romney as he clearly stated to provide us with armors. Where on the other hand, we did not receive any support from Obama.” 

Ahmed said he considers America to be “the strongest country in the world” and is capable of “removing and solving any worldwide issues,” however, it decided to take a freeze stand in the Syrian conflict. 

Those who doubt that Mitt Romney has a chance in today’s election would do well to consider the following: If Barack Obama can’t win over a group of Islamist revolutionaries with a pattern of persecuting Christians, what about the rest of his base?

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