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Free Tommy Chong!

Well, while on the topic of idiocy, the only people dumber than the cretins (John Ashcroft’s Justice Department, presumably) who decided to prosecute Tommy Chong were the cretins who passed the law making the sale of a bong a criminal offense in the first place. The details of his arrest make staggering reading – an armed raid by a dozen gun-toting DEA agents, backed up by some of LA’s finest. The result of their efforts? The incarceration of a 65-year-old man. That’s a waste of his time and a waste of our tax dollars.

Now, there will be some that say that none of this is Ashcroft’s fault. His department was, they will argue, just doing its job. Yes and no. There is always an element of discretion about how much time and money to spend on any one aspect of law enforcement. The DoJ’s resources are not, after all, infinite. The decision to go after Chong in this way and in this time, a time when the Department of Justice has rather more important matters to deal with, is not merely stupid, but irresponsible.

Free the Kern County Taft Correctional Institute One!


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