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Free Trade

Lots (L–O–T–S) of e-mail on free trade, pro & con. I am sorry to say I

have reached the MEGO point on this topic, & I guess Peter, Ramesh and Jonah

are getting the same e-mails I’m getting, so I’ll just post a sample.

“Jonah asks: ‘By what right does the government in Washington tell me where

and from whom I can buy my rubber shower shoes or stereo equipment? … Why

does… the government [have] the right to forbid me to do what I want?’

Well, that would be because it’s in the Constitution, that’s why. Pat

Buchanan: ‘If this right [to free trade] is “God-given,” the Founding

Fathers trampled all over it. The Constitution declares that Congress

“shall have Power” to lay “Duties” and “Imposts” and “regulate Commerce with

foreign nations.”‘ If Jonah and other free traders want to remove that

power from the US government, then they need to agitate for a consitutional

convention for that purpose — but it’s nonsense to maintain that the US

government doesn’t have the ‘right’ to interfere with Jonah’s purchase of

cheap Chinese-made crap at Wal-Mart.”


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