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A reader from that Friendly Giant to the North wishes to know: “Please post your winning percentage in The Corner. Mine is 60% and I’d like to know what you think ‘not very good’ is.”

Derb here. I don’t go percentage-wise. What I do is, clear out the scores, then keep playing games till I lose one. Then I clear the scores again. So I’m going for consecutive numbers of games won. This way I never have to look at more than a 1 in the “games lost” box.

My record is a pitiful 44 consecutive wins, and even that was a fluke — I rarely get past 20. If you apply some analytical thought, you can win any game of Freecell, they tell me. I have a friend who maintains a steady 100 percent. (He’s also a good chess player.) I prefer to reserve my brain power for weightier matters…


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Olympic dreams, &c.

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