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Freedom Fighters Vs. Americans

From his perch as the Washington Post’s “Magazine Reader,” Peter Carlson is once again busier promoting liberalism than reviewing magazines. You can tell the tone of today’s article by the headline: “Embedded with the Resistance: Iraqi ‘Terrorists’ Tell Their Story in Harper’s.” The Post has no use for the word “enemy” and like to put “terrorist” in quotes. We learn that young Mohammed is inspired by Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart” in that “The people in the movie want freedom and so do we.” Yeah, Americans hate freedom, Mohammed. Give me a break.

You can see the Harper’s take on whose side is more objectionable on the reproduction of the Harper’s cover. The Mohammed article is titled “Beyond Fallujah: A Year with the Iraqi Resistance.” Underneath that is the headline “Ignoble Liars: Leo Strauss, George Bush, and the Philosophy of Mass Deception.” Puffing up the fanatics attacking our soldiers in Iraq as “freedom fighters” is a pretty good example of mass deception…

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