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Freedom’s Candidate in New York

In other news involving New Yorkers: Courtesy of an Arizona PAC, National Horizon, Fox News viewers in New York may have seen an ad about Wendy Long, the Republican nominee challenging Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York (who is tied for most liberal senator). Long has been obscenely outspent. The ad wisely connects Gillbrand with President Obama, so New Yorkers who don’t even know who their junior senator is get the picture. 

You can view the commercial here:

Get to know Long a little here. And you can spread the word about Long, who would be a welcome addition to the Senate for anyone who takes political stewardship seriously, adding a second member to the pro-life woman caucus. Here’s the link if you want to get her campaign a financial boost.

New Yorkers have a chance to elect a smart, dedicated, lawyer who’s made sacrifices for the future of her country. She understands the responsibility to defend our liberty against regulatory and extra-judicial rewrites. Every New Yorker ought to consider their choice seriously and vote Long, who has the confidence of former Governor George Pataki, conservative activists because of her love of country, work ethic, and leadership capability. She also has ideas, some of which have been on display in the Wall Street Journal, on financial reform (here and here) — and not of the type you’re used to from elected Republicans in the northeast!

In a year when we are debating freedom itself — all too often being shouted down by overwrought “war on women” rhetoric — Wendy Long is a woman who communicates clearly and embodies the values conservatives and others who love their country as a safe haven for faith and freedom are trying to articulate to family and friends and coworkers. It’s not just Mitt Romney who needs to be elected for a change, he needs the House and he needs a majority in the Senate. Supporting Wendy Long helps get you there. And she’d quickly be among the young stars who are being elected around the country. 

This has been updated since posting.

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