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Freeh Up

I can’t help but think today’s 9/11 Commission hearing is going to be some good TV, better exposing some of the Commission members for who they are (i.e. Jamie Gorelick, no objective observer–try someone who has a vested interest in seeing that someone other than herself and colleagues gets blames). Did you catch Louis Freeh, who testifies today, in the Journal yesterday?

Freeh: Protecting our homeland from attacks by foreign terrorists had long been the FBI’s priority. Back in September 1994, I recommended to Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick that the DoJ strengthen investigative powers against suspected “undesirable aliens,” accelerating deportation appeal proceedings and limiting U.S. participation in a visa waiver pilot program under which 9.5 million foreigners entered the U.S. in 1994. I also recommended that we include provisions for the detention and removal of undesirable aliens, under a special, closed-court procedure. I also criticized alien deportation appeal procedures wich often took years to conclude. Finally, I recommended legislation to provide the FBI with roving wiretap authority to investigate terrorist activities in the U.S. President Clinton requested that authority in 1996. . . .

Ashcroft’s also up today. He was moving against Khobar tower terrorists (getting indictments) in June of 2001 and, I am told, asked for a look at lowering the wall between CIA and FBI in the spring of 2001. You know, the Gorelick wall.

Should be interesting… (And stay tuned this morning on NRO for Andrew McCarthy on that wall.


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