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French Conspiracy Nut Jobs & Me

This just came over the e-transom. From a reader:

I know you’r a pro-bush gitt and would put pro bush political … things

abow all other matter.

But you know, you have to understand reality 2.

Bush is a stupid, un-interlectual gitt. Like you.

He dos not run US.

9/11 could be – and was – a inside job, and could be so without Bush knowing


He knows that it didnt happen acordingly to the 911 commision report, but he

has to act on it as a attack from forren enemy’es.

But its all lies. The world dont hates you. The 911-truth people are not

haters of america. Its just in your head.

Look: William Rodriguez would know better then you right? And why dont you

respect the family of the people that were kiled in 911? They know that 911

was a inside job, and you – and your masters like foxnews mock them. Why do

you do that?

Start doing your job.

Where did the 2.3 trillion $ that were in the news 10/11 go?

Why do you need wepons in space?

Why do you think everyone hates you?

And why dont you understand 911 was a inside job?

Your a reporter  .. right?

And .. yeah .. I understand you dont like us french guys … but you know,

germany once was the greatest .. sorry, I ment strongest nation on earth,

that was in 1945 .. well, that didnt make it great did it?

Not us is the greate .. sorry, the strongest nation, becaus it has collected

the most guns in the world, but … it dont make it great.

Start doing your job Jonah. Ask tough questions and be prepared.


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