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French Fried

Jonah, Derb: I wanted to avoid the appearance of impropriety by celebrating NR’s role — and specifically Jonah’s role — in promoting the term cheese-eating surrender monkeys. Was worried it would appear as NR backscratching. Maybe I shouldn’t have been so reluctant. The new issue of NRODT has a great review of Our Oldest Enemy: A History of America’s Disastrous Relationship with France. Talk about backscratching! Will you be appeased (so to speak) if I promise to call the sequel Still Our Oldest Enemy: A History of America’s Disastrous Relationship with the Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys?

John J. Miller is the national correspondent for National Review and the director of the Dow Journalism Program at Hillsdale College. His new book is Reading Around: Journalism on Authors, Artists, and Ideas.

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