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French Reporter Slams Obama’s Foreign Policy: ‘Dreaming’ on Syria, Needs to be ‘Tougher’ on Iran

The American approach to the Middle East’s most troubled countries needs to improve to ensure stability in the region and the world, according to one French journalist. On Iran, for example, Christian Malard said French president François Hollande has done more to rein in the country’s nuclear program than President Obama has.

“I think the French have been a bit more tough, more realistic than the approach of President Obama towards Iranian president Rouhani,” he told MSNBC. “I think we are too naïve and gullible in the West to believe that this regime is going to respect the nuclear [agreement].”

Meanwhile, on Syria, both the United States and France need to reconsider their strategy, he said.

“On Syria, I think United States and France are really dreaming, hoping to oust Bashar Assad from power,” Malard said. “When you see the game played by Iran, by Russian president Putin, I think French and United States are really dreaming about a better future for Syria.”


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