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French “Voters”

Ah, CESM phrase lives on forever. From Reuters:

Kerry landslide – in France

Nearly 9 out of 10 people in France would support John Kerry if they could vote in the U.S. election, according to a poll published Friday, Reuters reported from Paris.

The poll came as no surprise in the country that led opposition to the war and whose people were derided as “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” by America’s Republicans.

But it underlined concern abroad over U.S. policies and highlighted the gulf that has opened between the United States and France.

Eighty-seven percent of French people would back Kerry and 13 percent would vote for Bush, according to the poll by the CSA research group and published by La Croix newspaper.

Fifty-seven percent thought U.S.-$ French relations would be better under Kerry, while 36 percent thought ties would not change. Seven percent said relations would improve if Bush won a second term; 65 percent said they would stay the same.

“We are in a logic of ‘Anything but Bush,” Andre Kaspi, a professor in North American history at Paris’s Sorbonne University, told La Croix. “French people know little about John Kerry, but it doesn’t matter. Whoever the candidate was against George Bush, he would get the same support here.”


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