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Friday Links

Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend: Here’s some DST history (including Ben Franklin’s satirical proposal), stories, and video. Related: EU pushes on with talks to scrap daylight saving time.

In Medieval Europe, No Outfit Was Complete without a Personal Eating Knife.

The Science of Good Chocolate.

The physiognomy of eyebrows: Everything you wanted to know about eyebrow interpretation from the 16th century.

O’Connor, Rehnquist, and a Supreme Marriage Proposal: One future Supreme Court Justice proposed to another, and they kept the secret for almost 70 years.

From Elizabeth Taylor to Adolph Hitler, Presenting History’s Greatest Decoys.

ICYMI, most recent links are here, and include Halloween stuff, the partisan makeup of different occupations, a gallery of 1930s-era British open-air schools, and the anniversary of three major battles: Agincourt, the charge of the Light Brigade, and Leyte Gulf.

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