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March 22nd is William Shatner’s birthday: Here he is in 1978 “singing” Rocket Man, plus a Star Trek/Monty Python mashup. Related: a 1968 memo to Gene Roddenberry re Shatner’s disappearing wigs from Star Trek set.

Scientists Played Music to Cheese as It Aged. Hip-Hop Produced the Funkiest Flavor.

A meteor exploded over Earth with 10 times the energy of Hiroshima’s atomic bomb. Nobody saw or was even aware of the fireball that exploded above the Bering Sea on December 18, 2018 — until now.

Man accidentally shoots himself after throwing gun at cockroach to kill it.

Where Did the Phrase Red Herring Come From?

ICYMI, Monday’s links are here, and include making ice cream 2,000 years ago, how sound effects are made in movies (and in old-time radio), when women started wearing makeup, and the test NASA gave potential astronauts in 1958.


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Defending Dave Chappelle

Defending Dave Chappelle

By standing up to the woke mob, Netflix is providing a model for how corporations should respond to demands that they enforce leftist speech codes.