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Friday Links

July 14 is Bastille Day, the anniversary of the French revolution in 1789.

What did medieval peasants eat?

That Time When America Air-Dropped Pianos For Troops in Battlefields.

These poorly translated English language T-shirts spotted in Asia are a hoot.

Julius Caesar came. He saw. He conquered. Here’s how Rome celebrated.

The Century-Long Evolution of the U.S. Army Helmet.

ICYMI, most recent links are here, and include why monkey butts are so colorful, Nikola Tesla’s birthday, how to buy your kid’s way into college, and the 47 names Disney considered for the seven dwarfs.

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Politics & Policy

The Other Case against Reparations

Reparations are an ethical disaster. Proceeding from a doctrine of collective guilt, they are the penalty for slavery and Jim Crow, sins of which few living Americans stand accused. An offense against common sense as well as morality, reparations would take from Bubba and give to Barack, never mind if the former ... Read More
Politics & Policy

May I See Your ID?

Identity is big these days, and probably all days: racial identity, ethnic identity, political identity, etc. Tribalism. It seems to be baked into the human cake. Only the consciously, persistently religious, or spiritual, transcend it, I suppose. (“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor ... Read More


Someone tweeted this cartoon today, which apparently is intended to depict me. A few thoughts: I love the caricature. It’s really good. I may steal the second panel and use it for advertising. I hear this line of criticism fairly often from people who are not very bright or well-informed; in truth, I ... Read More