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Friday links

Death and Taxes… and Zombies: a well thought out treatise on the tax implications of the zombie apocalypse.

The Stunningly Intricate Curta Mechanical Calculator, a look Inside The Brains Of Vintage Calculators and (with some overlap) a gallery of the Strangest And Most Beautiful Calculators Ever Created.

That Time the British Developed a Chicken Heated Nuclear Bomb

UPS Trucks Don’t Turn Left, Saving Them 10 Million Gallons of Gas/Year.

Giant Flesh-Eating Koala of Legend Was Real.

Here’s the Soviet Union’s Secret Space Cannon.

ICYMITuesday’s links are here, and include a 1938 film demonstrating how dramatic sound effects were made for old-time radio shows, tales of real-life castaways, why we have toes, and a supercut of the 100 best one-liners just before the kill.


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