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Friday Links

100 years ago — Prohibition in the United States began in January 1920 and ended in December 1933. Related: here’s Winston Churchill’s doctor’s note allowing him to drink “unlimited” alcohol in prohibition-era America.

For Al Capone’s birthday, here’s the story of that time he bought large blocks of stock in miniature golf construction companies.

Barns Are Painted Red Because of the Physics of Dying Stars.

January 17 is Ben Franklin’s birthday — bio, quotes, videos, his 200+ synonyms for drunk, the bodies found in his basement, and more.

What could go wrong? Living ‘Franken-concrete’ which can heal its own cracks and even ‘give birth’ to new bricks, has been developed by scientists.

The Ten Most Important Weapons of the Middle Ages.

ICYMI, most recent links are here, and include celebrating the Feast of the Ass, the science behind why dark winter days bum people out, learning any subject with Richard Feynman’s notebook technique, the folklore of gin, and a 1918 publication on remedial politics for newly enfranchised women in the U.K.


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