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Friday links

Happy Earth Day! Here’s the co-founder who killed then composted his girlfriend.

The Origins of 12 Horse-Related Sayings.

Could a bird deliver a standard 20″ New York-style cheese pizza in a box? And if so, what kind of bird would it take?

Construction workers from competing companies get into bulldozer fight in the street.

Lenin is About to Turn 146, but He Still Looks 53 – and Russia will spend $200K this year to keep it that way.

Teddy Roosevelt’s Epic Hunt for a White Rhino.

ICYMI, Monday’s links are here, and include the eighteenth of April in seventy-five (the midnight ride of William Dawes, Samuel Prescott, and Paul Revere), opening a hotel safe with a magnet and a sock, ice cream truck history, and the anniversary of the earthquake/fire that destroyed 80% of San Francisco (including video of a trip down Market Street, before and after the quake).


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