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Friday links

Paraskavedekatriaphobia: Why is Friday the 13th Considered Unlucky?

Mount Doom might be about to erupt: New Zealand warns hikers away from Mordor. Kind of related: Bikes were invented because a volcano killed all the horses

Why old statues have tiny penises.

A Supercut of Birds in Movies.

The physics of traffic flow: How a Single Car, Inadvertently Braking, Causes a Traffic Jam.

Railway Paradise, circa 1880: How a Fine-Dining Empire Made the Southwest Palatable to Outsiders.

ICYMITuesday’s links are here, and include the Smithsonian whale warehouse, horse and buggy parking at the Costco in Lancaster, PA, baby naming laws in European countries, and, for his birthday, clips of some of Fred Astaire’s best dance scenes.


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