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Friday Links

The Jeep Hackers Are Back to Prove Car Hacking Can Get Much Worse.

Revolutionary War Olympics: The Games Our Founders Played.

The annual Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight, with the best viewing after local midnight. Too late or cloudy for you? NASA will live-stream the shower.

Predicting weather with bug sex.

Laziness is a sign of high intelligence.

10 Travel Tips From the Age of Napoleon.

ICYMI, Tuesday’s links are here, and include the history of French fries, the anniversary of the battle of Thermopylae, a supercut of “We don’t negotiate with terrorists”, and a roundup of wooden skyscrapers.


The Wuhan Lab Cover-Up

The Wuhan Lab Cover-Up

It's now certain that the U.S. government misled the public about the kind of research that the U.S. taxpayers were indirectly funding in China.

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