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Friday links

It’s V-J Day, the anniversary of the date of Japan’s surrender in 1945 and the end of WWII.

How Private Investigators Use the Internet to Track You.

Did Americans know FDR couldn’t walk?

Remember this? Digital hell: Kansas farm is the default location for 600 million IP addresses. Well, now they’re suing the mapping firm.

The Fierce, Forgotten Library Wars of the Ancient World.

How to Fight Multiple Assailants.

ICYMI, Wednesday’s links are here, and include Japan’s electric baths, flying to Africa from Ireland via lawnmower, Gracie Allen’s (of George Burns and Gracie Allen Show fame) excellent 1940 Presidential campaign, and why the reason for the “work of fiction” disclaimer at the end of almost all films is… Rasputin.


The Wuhan Lab Cover-Up

The Wuhan Lab Cover-Up

It's now certain that the U.S. government misled the public about the kind of research that the U.S. taxpayers were indirectly funding in China.

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