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Friday links

Update: Roundup of links about snow.

Advice from c. 1200: How to Survive the Winter. Related: the World’s Largest Snowball Fight.

Something to restore your faith in humanity: Man with stage IV bone cancer saves neighbor from burning home.

Mathematicians Have Found Strange New Ways to Cut Pizza Into Equal Slices.

Alton Brown’s critique of Amazon’s dumbest kitchen gadgets, with bonus Amazon reviews.

10 Incredible Real Life MacGyver Moments That Saved Lives.

Online Shopping in the 1950s.

ICYMI, Thursday’s links are here, and include Valentine’s Day reservations at White Castle, the anniversary of French King Louis XVI’s guillotining in 1793. an infographic on the evolution of the Batmobile, and, for Stonewall Jackson’s birthday, the story of his left arm’s separate grave,


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