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Friday links

Before it was Veterans Day it was Armistice Day, for the fallen of the First World War: here’s some history.

The June 1940 ‘Lancastria’ disaster – Britain’s worst loss of life at sea: as many as 9,000 people were aboard the ship, but less than 2,500 survived. More here.

’Beast defeated’: 130-ton ‘fatberg’ removed from London sewer after nine-week battle.

1968 memo to Gene Roddenberry re William Shatner’s disappearing wigs from Star Trek set, with bonus Monty Python.

Hidden Valley Is Offering a Holiday Mini-Keg Filled With Five Liters of Their Ranch Dressing.

Having A bad day? Here’s a gallery of 48 wild hamsters.

ICYMI, Friday’s links are here, and include bionic eyes, Cinnabon origins, Guy Fawkes Day, and some Daylight Saving Time history.


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