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Friday links

Mythbusters has ended – here’s a “best of” supercut.

Watch Out For Exploding Killer Lakes.

All You Need to Dupe a Fingerprint Sensor Is Paper, Conductive Ink, and an Inkjet Printer.

Physiognomy of eyebrows: lots of eyebrow interpretation advice from the 16th century.

The (Court-Ordered) Unmasking of the Lone Ranger.

How a Basket on Wheels Revolutionized Grocery Shopping.

ICYMIThursday’s links are here and include a gallery of construction photos from the 1881-1895 building of London’s Tower Bridge, the global Scotch shortage, the science of why dogs smell each other’s butts, and, for Chuck Norris’ birthday, a supercut of his best kicks, clips of his most badass movies, and a set of Norrisms


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