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Friday links

Great Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Visual Effects From Game of Thrones Season 4.

How to give a giant blue whale a bath.

How many snowflakes would it take to cover the entire world in six feet of snow?

How to cook bacon with a machine gun.

Terry Gilliam Reveals the Secrets of Monty Python Animations: A 1974 How-To Guide.

How fast do you have to run if you want to walk on water?

13 Questions Answered About The Simpsons (they’re yellow, says series creator Matt Groening, “to attract the attention of channel hoppers.”) Related (from the archives), Funny Signs From The Simpsons.

If you grew up in the Eighties (or have kids who did), you’ve probably seen Last Starfighter at least a dozen times: here’s Everything You Never Knew About The Making Of Last Starfighter.

Tired of sitting around in airports?  One City, Five Hours: An Illustrated Guide to Layovers.

ICYMIWednesday’s links are here, and include lots of Tesla information, vampire slaying ethical questions, jaywalking origins, and the sad story of Domino’s Pizza’s “Avoid the Noid” campaign.


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