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Friday Links

It’s that time of year again: beer and wine pairings for all those Girl Scout cookies you’re buying.

Laika and her comrades: The Soviet space dogs who took giant leaps for mankind.

One hundred years of National Geographic maps: the art and science of where.

Happy World Nutella Day! Here’s a canonical list of Nutella recipes.

Why Google Maps tells Americans they’re in Tulsa, Okla.

A roundup of links of animals getting drunk or high.

ICYMIMonday’s links are here, and include lots of Groundhog Day stuff, the history of snow removal, a map of every goat in the U.S., a tour of a 1964 fallout-shelter home, and the problems involved with having real superpowers.

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White House

What Is Hillary Clinton Thinking?

When Homer Simpson looks in the mirror, he sees ripped chest muscles and arms like the trunks of beech trees. When Hillary Clinton looks in the mirror, she sees America’s sweetheart. She thinks: America adores me. She thinks: America already chose me to be president once! She thinks: Everyone is comparing me ... Read More
Law & the Courts

Grassley’s Kangaroo Court

So now it looks like next Thursday. On Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s manifestly meritorious nomination to the Supreme Court, what was supposed to be the vote out of the Senate Judiciary Committee this past Thursday now appears to be sliding into a hearing to be held next Thursday. Or, who knows, maybe a Thursday ... Read More