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Friday links

Some Halloween-related links: history, witches, costumes for animals and people, pumpkin carving (and exploding), trick or treating origins, candy hierarchy.

Why More Firstborn Kids Need Glasses.

Gallery of photos from hot-air balloon festivals.

Guinness record du jour – this 400 ft long baguette smeared with Nutella, with bonus world’s largest pizza.

We Used to Recycle Penicillin from Patients’ Urine. Related: A Moldy Cantaloupe & The Dawn of Penicillin.

Photo of the iceberg that may have sunk the Titanic for sale.

ICYMIMonday’s links are here, and include atomic gardens of the 1960s, the history of 20 dog breeds, ATM in Antarctica, how French artists in 1899 envisioned the year 2000.


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