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Friday Links

From Debby:

Clowns can boost IVF pregnancy rates, study says.

1950′s cartoon: “The car of tomorrow.”

If Movie Characters Had the Internet, some films would have had no plot.

How birds (and bird-watchers) compute the behavior of a flock on the wing.

Norwegian Boy Fends Off Wolf Pack with Heavy Metal.

Scientists fight bugs with poo.

This has fascinated me since it happened: The Incredible True Story of the Collar Bomb Heist.

Buffy turns 30 this week!

In Australia, Whole Parking Lot Swept Away by the Flood.

Thieves stole and snorted what they thought was cocaine. Turns out, the powder was actually the ashes of a woman’s father and her two Great Danes.

Where’s June Cleaver when you need her?  The DEA is seeking Ebonics experts. Related: Experts Offer Rap Translations.

Chinese drivers can pay people to sit in a traffic jam for them.

A life-size Lego statue of Conan O’Brien.

German Police Pick up Drunken Owl.


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