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Friday Links

July 27 is free-market economist Milton Friedman’s birthday: Here are some favorite quotes and short videos. And Beatrix Potter’s birthday is this weekend: In addition to Peter Rabbit et al., she produced some gorgeous botanical drawings.

How to build a mountain range.

Stealing Passwords by Reading Thermal Residue on Keyboards.

Advice from 1380: How to Tell if Someone Is or Is Not Dead (the onion test), plus bonus Monty Python.

How to Make a Fossil in a Single Day and How To Become A Fossil After You Die.

How the tiniest plot of land in Manhattan came to be.

ICYMI, Thursday’s links are here, and include cutting hair with fire, the instant pot of the 1600s known as the Digester of Bones, the 2018 U.K. snail-racing championship, and, for Aldous Huxley’s birthday, an audio of him narrating Brave New World.


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