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Friday Potpourri II: TV Wrap Up

I really dug Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles this season. It’s turned out to be vastly more interesting than I would have expected.

24 is showing its age. Worse, Jack Bauer is showing his make-up. I can’t stop getting distracted by the shiny stuff around his eyes. If it was only slightly more glittery, he’d look like he’d spent the last 24 hours at a rave. Still, it’s fun television.

As I hoped, Dollhouse has gotten better but hasn’t quite reached the level of, you know, good. There’ve been good episodes. But there were good episodes of Manimal, that hardly means it was a good series. Hopefully, they’ll hit their stride soon. Then again, if the show continues to suck, Fox will let it run forever. It gets really awesome, the suits will cancel it.

The Unit, ah The Unit. I still like it. But they seemed to have lost their way. In particular, enough with the housewives doing double duty as spies. In fact, less of the wives in general would be good.

No, I haven’t watched Caprica yet. And, from what I hear, I needn’t bother.

Update: Oh no: Will Terminator be cancelled?


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