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Friday Stuff

27 of the Strangest Sports You’ll Ever See.

100+ Funny Photos Taken At Unusual Angles.

The Antikythera Mechanism: Quest to Decode the Secret of the 2,000 Year Old Computer.

Excellent video — Indian Superman with subtitles.

Tactile illusions: Seven ways to fool your sense of touch.

The next Google?

Computer programmer who lost a finger in an accident replaced it with a prosthetic — with a built-in USB drive.

Where does consciousness come from?

BBC: Wizard of Oz as an economic parable.

Flying Cars.


Borat star fools Alabama National Guard.

What does it feel like to freeze?

What goes on inside a computer’s brain when it plays chess.

Update on the Four Color Problem: Including cellphones, cliques, holes, anti-holes, and perfect graphs.

Pub is closed by Monty Python grenade.

24 Ridiculously Expensive Everyday Items.

Military Laser Hits Battlefield Strength.

A four-foot long giant sea worm.

Jonah Goldberg — Jonah Goldberg is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and a senior editor of National Review. His new book, The Suicide of The West, will be released on April 24.

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Is Journalism School Worth It?

Clarence Darrow dropped out of law school after just a year, figuring that he would learn what he needed to know about legal practice faster if he were actually doing it than sitting in classrooms. (Today, that wouldn't be possible, thanks to licensing requirements.) The same thing is true in other fields -- ... Read More

Wednesday Links

Today is ANZAC Day, the anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli: Here's some history, a documentary, and a Lego re-enactment. How DNA Can Lead to Wrongful Convictions: Labs today can identify people with DNA from just a handful of cells, but a handful of cells can easily migrate. The 19th-century art of ... Read More

Microscopic Dots. Let’s Look at Them.

Stuart E. Eizenstat has written a big book on the Carter presidency. (Eizenstat was Carter’s chief domestic-policy adviser. He also had a substantial hand in foreign affairs.) I have reviewed the book for the forthcoming NR. Eizenstat tells the story of a meeting between President Carter and Andrei Gromyko, the ... Read More

Why North Korea Isn’t Going to Give Up Its Nukes

Responding to reports that North Korea said it “no longer needs” nuclear tests, Jim Hanson, president of the generally pro-Trump Security Studies Group, credited President Trump. “No one was expecting anything to come of Trump’s fiery rhetoric, except people who understand that diplomacy works better ... Read More