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Friday Stuff

How to Make an LotR Sword.

Anatomical drawings of Godzilla and his friends.

Nasal Spray for Better Memory.

Motivational Posters: Winston Churchill Edition.

NASA moon bombing violates space law & may cause conflict with lunar ET/UFO civilizations. Probably violates the prime directive, too.

Las Vegas: Vintage Treasures and Modern Marvels.

Marry an educated woman if you want to live longer.

Contraceptive pill has made women less attracted to masculine men.

A unified theory of Superman’s powers.

Does Knuckle Cracking Lead to Arthritis of the Fingers?  Researcher cracked the knuckles of his left hand — but never his right hand — every day for more than 60 years.

Giant marionettes.

Most babies born this century will live to 100.

Rube Goldberg breakfast machine.

10 Reasons Not to Bring Someone Back from the Dead, 15 of the Most Iconic Newspaper Headlines Ever Printed, and Top 10 Twilight Zone Episodes. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Schrödinger’s virus.

Incredible Astronomical Clocks.

Would-Be Burglars Foiled By Billiard Balls. Related, sort of, with bonus misplaced prepositional phrase: Grandmother Fights Bear With Pillow.


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