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From Debby the Odd Link Gal. 

 This German street performer looks like he’s sticking to the side of a wall with just one hand. The second page shows how it’s done.

Worlds Spookiest Weapons.

 Scientific American – The Neurological Roots of Orgasm. Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum. Research shows that different types of music can dramatically affect the taste of wine3-D computer animation of Picasso’s Guernica. Details on the new Joss Whedon series.

Google vs Microsoft: the space race.

 Cartoons of what super heroes and villains in their old ageThe ORIGINAL Illustrated Catalog Of ACME Products, where Wile E. Coyote used to shop. 7 crazy but real conspiracies Darpa Aims to Snuff Flames with Electricity, Sound.

How to Escape From a Black Hole. A comparison of real archaeology vs. Indiana Jones.

Truck That Runs on Coffee Grounds.


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Rat Patrol

Rat Patrol

Illegal leaks of classified information should be treated as a serious offense. But they would be easier to prevent if less information were classified.