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From Debby, the Odd Link Gal:

Sculpting with bacon fat.

Pictures of one of Earth’s last uncontacted tribes.

Creepy 3-dimensional spider tattoo.

Ancient Egyptian City Unearthed in Sinai.

Crooks tried to disguise their identities by covering their faces with women’s thong underwear.  Guess how much it covered?

Frog that breaks its own bones to produce claws.

There are no toilets in fighter jets.  Which makes long flights rather tricky for pilots.  Here’s a Wired article on solutions.

“Sitting Too Long Before Computer May Lead to Piles” is a headline in the China Post.

This 443 pound record-breaking halibut is fit for Jehovah.

Folding laptop.

Rosicrucian MENTAL POISONING ad from the July, 1939 issue of Mechanix Illustrated.

Results of new research on Stonehenge.

Blindfold teen sets Rubik record.  With video.

Adding rosemary to your steak could reduce cancer risk.

Slideshow of Roberto Osti’s paintings for Scientific American.

Creepy live action Simpsons spoof in Spanish.

Internet to run out of IP addresses ’within 3 years’.


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