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From Debby, the OLG:

History of the castrati.

20 Funniest Newspaper Headlines ever.

Wired: What the CIA Learned From Get Smart.

Photographs showing the development of a chicken from an egg.

Jewelry made from octopus tentacles, recast in sterling silver.

Bananas may be dying off.

A man’s irregular heartbeat returned to normal after he was shot with a Taser gun in a hospital emergency room.

Set of essays on The Singularity, by enthusiasts and skeptics.

The number of moves necessary to solve an arbitrary Rubik’s cube configuration has been cut down to 23 moves.

’Che’ brand irks Guevara’s children —

Asteroid impact detection and prevention strategy.

15 Of The Most Luxurious Swimming Pools On Earth.

Gallery: The Drive-In Theater Turns 75.

June 6th is D-Day.

Beautiful detailed 3-D optical images of the interior workings of cells.

YouTube clip of the best water slide ever.

Seattle considers banning beach bonfires because of global warming.

Ms. Software, Meet Mr. Hardware: 175 years ago today, Lord Byron’s daughter met Charles Babbage.

Send a post-Rapture email to those left behind.

Successful test of a new thin-disk laser.

Homeless people who live at Heathrow airport, blending in with sleeping travelers.

Can people with joint pain predict rain?

Researchers are working on a generator which can convert heat from car exhaust fumes into electricity.

Top 5 Ways to Cause a Man-Made Earthquake.

The Moral Life of Cubicles: The Utopian Origins of Dilbert’s Workspace.

Researchers at MIT have developed a new paper-like material that can sop up oil and other environmental spills and leave the water behind.

Update: From a reader:

Your “History of the Castrati” link needs to be updated.  There is no mention of the current Republican leadership, which is surely the largest collection of castrati in the modern world. 


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