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From Debby:

MythBusters Results — Outcomes from all Episodes.   How to knit Spock ears.   Borat’s mankini hits catwalk.   Spray-on skin gun that sprays new, stem cell infused skin onto a wound.   Boosting your memory with a 9-volt battery.   How To Get Revenge with Your Remote Control Sprinkler.   Guide to the Shadowy Organizations That Rule the World.   Why jocks get more action.   The time of Odysseus’ return from Trojan War has been pinpointed to the day based on references in the poem.   Secret Planet Killer: High-Tech Japanese Toilets.   The American Museum of Natural History Photo Collection.   Gallery of photos of a giant plucked chicken sculpture, photographed in various locations.   eBay item du jour: handgun suitable for slaying Nerf werewolves and vampires.   RFID Tags Can Interfere With Medical Devices.



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