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Friendly ‘Moderate’ Rouhani Boasts of Obama’s ‘Surrender to the Iranian Nation’s Will’

Iran’s “moderate” “reformer” president Hassan Rouhani – i.e., the front man for the Islamic-supremacist dictatorship run by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the IRGC . . . or, as they say at the State Department, Tehran’s “democratically elected” leader – has taken to Twitter to boast of the West’s “surrender” in the ongoing . . . and going . . . and going . . . nuclear talks. As reported in the Jerusalem Post, here is today’s tweet:

Our relationship w/ the world is based on Iranian nation’s interests. In #Geneva agreement world powers surrendered to Iranian nation’s will.

And how.

You can follow President Obama’s trusted negotiating partner on Twitter: @HassanRouhani. You may not be in the habit of following tyrants who imprison and torture American citizens, but at least you’ll have a more accurate understanding of Iran’s intentions than you get from your own government. Meantime, on the homepage, Tom Rogan notes that the Obama administration’s latest brainstorm is a temporary alliance with Iran to fight al Qaeda . . . which Iran has been training, funding and harboring for over 20 years. Well, as Secretary Kerry says, “I don’t think we’re stupid.” Not at all.

Don’t worry, though: Obama only has three years to go. It’ll probably be fine . . .

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