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‘Friends of Putin’

A story to note: “Audio Suggests Secret Plan for Russians to Fund Party of Italy’s Salvini.” Sure. Populist Right parties tend to be in partnership with Putin, whether the partnership is formal or informal. In the case of Matteo Salvini and his League, it is formal.

In 2017, the League established a friendship-and-cooperation agreement with Putin. Salvini called it a “historic deal.” In 2014, the League established a “Friends of Putin” group in the Italian parliament. In Moscow, Salvini wore a Putin T-shirt! (See it here.) Putin is his Che, so to speak.

Indeed, Putin is the Che of many in Europe and elsewhere.

This morning, President Trump retweeted Katie Hopkins, a British commentator and former Apprentice contestant. She hailed Salvini, Orbán, et al., for bringing “strength in depth.” She added, “The fightback by proud nations is on.”

I say, be careful with whom you are entangled. Putin is no friend to things that conservatives, certainly in the United States, have long prized — freedom being paramount among them.

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