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Frist Has Much to Lose

if Specter is chairman of the judiciary committee: A smart e-mail:

I think contacting the members of the Judiciary committee is a wise suggestion. However, I would refrain from discouraging people from contacting Frist. He has already begun to run for President. Social conservatives pushed the president over the finish line this week. It would seem that Frist is the senator over whom we currently have the most leverage. I don’t think he would want to alienate the conservative base out of the gate. It would doom him, and he would certainly be the fall guy if there is a problem. Frist needs this resolved favorably for the base as much as anyone does.

I add, too, this is not just about the “base.” This is about giving nominees a fair hearing as much as it is about making sure we, the seeming majority, don’t get blocked out of our own majority.

Arlen Specter as chairman would leave a smirk on Daschle’s face. We want that wiped off.


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