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There aren’t a lot of laughs in the news out of Libya. In Impromptus today, I say something about the wholesale slaughter of civilian detainees. In an airport hangar, Qaddafi’s men just started mowin’ ’em down.

But I must say I enjoyed reading something in this report. A Libyan shrugged off the present water shortages, saying, “I don’t care if we go without water for two months, even. Frizz-head is gone. It’s worth it.” The report notes that “Frizz-head” is “a commonly used derogatory nickname for Qaddafi.” Oh, one can think of a lot worse.

Wasn’t there a Frizz-head on Welcome Back, Kotter or something? (Is there a comma in Welcome Back, Kotter? Or is it like Good Morning America?)

Also, I have enjoyed, in the last few days, reading about Qaddafi’s “adopted daughter,” the one we Americans were supposed to have killed in her infancy, during the 1986 bombing strikes. Qaddafi and his sympathizers have gotten a lot of mileage out of this over the years.

Apparently, the girl is alive and well and a doctor. A Tripoli man was quoted in this report as saying, “It is not surprising he [Qaddafi] would lie about his own child’s death. He is capable of killing a whole population, why not his own child?”

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