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Frontline Report: Ohio

I should note that by definition the people who show up at the polls in the rain are people who haven’t been dissuaded by the rain. Anyway, from a reader:


Well, the rain isn’t keeping people from voting in Cleveland. I just got back from the polls and waited about 45 minutes. I considered putting an open offer out to anyone there just to cancel my vote and we could walk out, arm in arm, skipping and singing show tunes. Believe me, there was a near 100% chance that ANYONE who would’ve taken up my offer would’ve canceled my vote.

I have one question, though. As a Conservative and a Republican, I’m obviously very judgemental and intolerant of everyone who is not like me. I’ve pegged nearly every possible demographic and how they vote. There is one group, though, that I haven’t yet nailed down: Those wearing pocket protectors and short-sleeve dress shirts. These people don’t strike me as going one way or another. Which way do they go, Jonah?

A side note…it was amazing how personally many of the people in line took the whole ID checking thing. One particularly obnoxious person, who talked to all of us for the entire 45 minutes, expressed his feelings eloquently.

“I’m not having some unofficial unpaid Republican volunteer asking me for my G.D. driver’s license! I mean, why would they need that? They just need to let us all vote and stay out of our lives. Why are they doing this to us?! (emphasis added)”

It was a touching performance. I was directly behind this guy. Shockingly, when we got to the sign-in table, his name was not on the list. Mine was, and I just moved here a few months ago. I didn’t find it too difficult to get registered! It’s going to be a long day…

Thanks for listening…