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Frontline Report: Ohio, Two Views

From a reader:

I live in Columbus, Ohio. I have never seen anything

like the GOP GOTV here. (I am not a volunteer so this

rosy picture is straight scoop). I am getting four to

five telephone calls a day from the GOP. Some are

recordings of famous types like Mayor Giuliani and

Rev. Billy Graham. Others are live volunteers making

sure we know where to vote and that we’ll be voting

for Bush. Direct mail comes everyday. When I left

Mass on Sunday, Bush fliers were on all the cars

touting Bush’s stance on all the “values” issues. Lit

droppers showed up Saturday with a nice packet

focusing on Bush and the local GOP candidates. (I

live in a precinct that will certainly go for Kerry).

This morning, a hundred or so Bush supporters were

downtown by the Statehouse holding BC 04 signs, doing

cheers, etc. I’d say TV and radio ads are 50/50.

Bush is running a nice ad on the radio with Giuliani

and Ed Koch. We’ll see tomorrow how well the GOP does

in getting people to the polls. But from what I’ve

seen so far, if Bush loses Ohio, it won’t be for lack

of trying.

From another reader:


I live in Ohio — Summit County. My wife and I are both registered R’s, we have not received one republican phone call or message left for us. Last week and thru yesterday, I’ve had 6 ACT call’s and 1 from Bill Clinton, and kerry ads being negative about bush vs. any bush ad are probably are probably 3 to 1 kerry ads. We are being bombarded with commercials, and many of them I believe do resonate with Ohio voters.

One in particular, mentions President Bush speaking to at a manufacturer — Timken, last year (promising to work hard for them or something to that effect) and then this year they are closing the plant (over 1,000 jobs). The problem is that Republican’s just don’t have an answer for this in Ohio, and if they do, they haven’t responded via the airwaves, and this is why it is so close in Ohio. The R’s have not given a response that resonates, and even the the economy has improved nationally, it is lagging behind in Ohio. If the Dem’s just had a less liberal candidate, GW would not win Ohio, IMHO.

That being said, the R’s could have struck back with a commercial with an example of job creation in Ohio due in part to the tax cuts and the growing national economy….this is the type of ad that would have resonated in Ohio.