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The Full Aldouri

I must have watched the tape of Iraqi U.N. ambassador Aldouri entering his apartment about ten times yesterday and literally laughed out loud every single time. When he says “The game is over,” somehow the cryptic-ness of it reminded me of that line from the new Steve Martin movie “Bringing Down the House”–”Tell her, `The cool points are out the window.’” Say, what? Then, when the reporter asks him if he is saying the war is over, the way he says “yeah, yeah, yeah,” like it’s some annoying, niggling detail is just hilarious. But then, about 1:30 a.m. this morning–I’m on a bizarre book-writing schedule–I saw a new, fuller cut on CNN that contained a delicious ending, with Aldouri huffily slamming his door. Lesson: it pays to watch every re-play of this stuff (I also savored every new camera angle of that statute coming down–there were so many of them). Anyway, I can’t wait for the footage of Aldouri boarding a plane on the way to France (where he’s apparently headed next).


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