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After writing this post a couple of weeks back, I was introduced on a radio interview with the words “Mark Steyn is the Brigitte Bardot of Canada”. Way back when, that would have been a surefire winner in a Compose The Sentence The English Language Is Least Likely Ever To Have Any Need For competition. But that was before BeBe ran into her present difficulties re: Islam and the French justice system and reduced herself to being the Mark Steyn of France.

Now George Jonas, Canada’s leading public intellectual, has upped the ante, or at least the cup size:

Going to bat for Mark Steyn’s freedom of expression is like going to bed with Gina Lollobrigida.

Okay, so I’m the Brigitte Bardot of Canada and the Gina Lollobrigida of Canada. Personally, I see myself more as the Anita Ekberg of Canada. But definitely not the Mamie van Doren of Canada.

Mark Steyn is an international bestselling author, a Top 41 recording artist, and a leading Canadian human-rights activist.


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