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Funny how the Democrats nationally sent in millions to N.J. and Va., not to mention the party panjandrums, and want to now say these were just local elections with no national implications. A simple point: People in Va. and N.J. voted for CHANGE. Change from the Democrats, and they voted Republican. Voters are not dumb — they know the beliefs of Christie and McDonnell. They also know what Democrats have stood for. As for NY-23, where the MSM and Democrats are making a national issue of the race, it was the most local of all three races. And it is fairly argued that the GOP messed it up — by pushing a candidate that was confusing and then having that candidate further confuse things. But, again, of the three main races, it was the most local. Finally: Va. was the great hope of the Dems for the future, as they pushed it ever more purple to blue. That stopped yesterday: it was a three-sweep: Gov, Lt. Gov, and AG. In N.J., that was a Democratic  bastion, a reliable Democratic state. As the old story goes about the Zen master: “We’ll see.” For now, for yesterday, the voters said “not today.”

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